Every life is made of stories. Some of them have truly something special and must be told.
The story of ZêZ, although short, is worth telling about. Starting with the unusual name, related to its origin, the splendorous Zêzere River Glacial Valley, a unique valley in the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. But ZêZ is also unique in what it represents, a brand with exquisite flavours, exciting aromas, bright colours and vibrant textures. It is also, in its essence, a brand of affections, authenticity, imagination, courage and confidence.


The main ingredients of ZêZ’s products are plants, such as juniper or heather. These plants spontaneously grow in the uplands and are carefully chosen, in order to guarantee a high level of quality. Every product is handmade produced in a small but well equipped factory.


In the factory, every ingredient is selected and combined in order to produce incomparable gastronomic creations, including jams, sauces, toffees, candies and marmalades. ZêZ’s creations are unique and innovative, and are aimed to those who enjoy exquisite flavours. These products were created by the internationally prestigious Chef Luís Baena.


ZêZ also represents the courage of a young couple, Filipa and Pedro, who decided to leave the life in a big city and move into the small town of Manteigas, leaving behind their careers to dedicate themselves heart and soul to this project.


Filipa and Pedro’s confidence in themselves and in this life project they have decided to embrace. Confidence in the originality and quality of ZêZ’s products. And finally, confidence in the priceless collaboration of business partners.